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100 Words Film Festival: Tobin the Educator

by CV staff

September 28, 2015

“If I’m really going to be an educator, I have to live what I teach,” says Barbara Tobin in director Eric Davis’ 2:58 documentary ode to influential teachers, Tobin the Educator.

After 15 years, Tobin, a band teacher at Quail Hollow Middle School, ended the Men In Black Ensemble, a percussion corps set up through the school’s band courses. At its end, over 50 alumni returned for the final show to celebrate the group and bang on trashcans (just one of many off-the-beaten path elements —ladders, water bottles, basketballs, etc. — explored for their percussion qualities).

Davis’ film collects clips from those performances, and cross-cuts them with classroom moments where you see Tobin in teaching mode, fighting through moments of frustration and celebrating inspiration. At the end of the film, Tobin recounts one student telling her they learned more from her band class than all their other schooling combined.

Some of us have been fortunate to have at least one teacher like Tobin; they’re godsends, and Davis’ film is a fitting ode.



Directed by Eric Davis

Featuring: Barbara Tobin

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