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Countdown to 100 Words Film Festival

by CV staff

Countdown to 100 Words Film Festival

August 23, 2015

This year, Charlotte Viewpoint is partnering with Susie Films for the second annual 100 Words Film Festival, to be held Nov. 6-7 at McGlohon Theatre. In addition to holding related events around the Festival – including the next installments in Charlotte Viewpoint's Salon and Conversation series -- we will be highlighting here in our Video Gallery last year’s top films, as well as a few more chosen by the Festival Director Scott Galloway. Each Monday we’ll link readers to another film from last year as we work our way to the award winners from 2014 and this year's festival, offering some expert synopsis, analysis and commentary from our stable of writers and critics.

This week we begin with a film about the festival itself and the power of brevity as exemplified in this 1-minute, 9-second story, made especially for Blumenthal Arts, hosts for this year’s event again. This may have been made in-house, but in just over a minute you see the power that 100 words can deliver in a short film. This one is on the Blumenthal's "Arts for All" program, designed to provide children with educational opportunities to participate in arts and cultural programs they couldn't otherwise afford. Check out this great program below.

Click on these links to learn more about the Blumenthal Performing ArtsSusie Films, and the 100 Words Film Festival.

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