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Member's Show at The Light Factory

Member's Show at The Light Factory

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Picture by Janet Boschker

Pick: Member's Show at The Light Factory

Details: July 14 through August 12 at the Light Factory; opening reception is Thursday, July 14, 6:30-8:30 pm. Free admission.

Viewpoint: As it has with most art forms, the digital era has transformed the world of photography. The cell-phone camera has democratized picture-taking, eliminated much of the waste and pollutants from the developing and printing process, and improved the average duffer's chances at producing presentable photos. Just as surely, though, the ubiquity of images from 5.8 billion picture-takers has taken some mystery out of the craft. A recent anecdote illustrates: a Facebook friend returned from a trip to the Iberian Peninsula and lamented the presence of selfie sticks at every stop along the way. Another friend, deeply immersed in the digital revolution and springloaded to the slightest whiff of Ludditism, shot back a query, 'Why is that bad?' The answer reframed the question in every sense: "They wouldn't need the damn things if they were pointing their cameras at something other than themselves." And this, of course, reminds us of why the art of photography still matters; framing, lighting and other artistic decisions tell us as much about the person pointing the camera as they do about what they're pointing  the camera at. That's certainly the aesthetic behind the annual Member's Show at the Light Factory, which this year will feature works in a variety of mediums and formats—alternative processes, film, digital and collage—from member photographers Pinky Bass, Carolyn DeMeritt, Byron Baldwin, Ruth Ava Lyons, Cordelia Williams, Janet Boschker, Del Zogg, and Michael O’Neill, among others. The show also features several pieces taken by the Light Factory's education committee that recently traveled to Cuba. —John Schacht

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