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McColl Center for Art + Innovation: Prompt

McColl Center for Art + Innovation: Prompt

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Picture by McColl Center for Art + Innovation

Pick: McColl Center for Art + Innovation: Prompt

Details: Saturday, June 11, noon-9 p.m. at McColl Center for Art + Innovation. Admission: Free for McColl Members / $5 Suggested Donation

Viewpoint: Three McColl Center Alumni Residents have teamed up to accept a challenge from Shaun Cassidy, local Charlotte mixed media public artist, sculptor and McColl Alumni Resident, as a part of a new exhibition at the McColl titled prompt. These new installations by artists Quisqueya Henríquez, Susan Lee-Chun, and Willie Little were assembled in 4 weeks in response to a set of parameters given by Cassidy. They Are:

1.    Create an artwork that uses the following pairs of words as the catalyst: divisions and differences; connections and intersections.
2.    The work must include one material, technique, process, or approach that is new to you.
3.    The work must have an interactive element to it in which the viewer can move a part or parts around to create different relationships, narratives, or ideas.
Each artist has tackled these constraints differently and as a result the audience gets to see three wholey different but wholey connected bodies of work. Mixed media artist Quisqueya Henríquez's work deals with race, ethnicity and his Latin Carribean roots all translated into collage, paint, assemblage and digital mediums. Korean artist Susan Lee-Chun goes deep conceptually turning her own being into a psuedo corporation called the "Suz". Her work delves into performance, identity politics, digital mediums and, in the end, an effort to self-examine. North Carolina artist Willie Little's installations are heavily influenced by the rituals, family dynamics, and mores of the South, juxtaposing traditional symbols of hatred and social decay with stories of hope, triumph and restoration. 
The McColl will be swinging all opening day. Stop by for performances from Alumnus Artist Carlos-Alexis Cruz's Nouveau Cirque, Nouveau Sud troupe which includes ariel silks, cyr wheel and ariel ropes. The day will also include family friendly hands-on activities, food from Two Girls and A Truck, and live music from It's Snakes and Patabamba! Prompt looks to be as engaging from the audience as it was from the three installation artists! --Joshua Peters


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