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Santiago Quesnel: Repetitions

Santiago Quesnel: Repetitions

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Picture by LaCa Projects

Pick: Santiago Quesnel: Repetitions

Details: Thursday, June 9, 6-9 p.m. at LaCa Projects. Admission: Free

Viewpoint: Argentinian painter Santiago Quesnel's work deals deeply with the idea of human presence. His paintings are slightly abstract records of memories, often place memories, moments surrounded by nature and wide expansive lanscapes. A Buenos Aires native, Quesnel was formally educated in filmmaking at la Universidad de Buenos Aires before deciding to direct his creative energy into painting. In his journey, Quesnel studied alongside fellow artists Jorge Dermigian and Héctor Destefanis, and participated in work clinics with Tomás Espina and Fabián Burgos. He has exhibited all over the world and has work in collections in France, England, the U.S., Argentina and Uruguay. Most recently, Quesnel was an artist resident at the ArtCenter/South Florida and has shown previously at LaCa Projects in Charlotte. Celebrating the opening of his newest exhibition at LaCa Projects, titled Repeititions, Quesnel has a new series of place memories to guide his audience through. Some are filled with more solemn subdued colors, dripping forms and intrusive, discordant elements, others exploding with a bright color palette and exuberant nature. Take a walk through Repititions' dreamscapes and experience Quesnel's unique visualizations of place memory and his interpretation of nature's dynamic relationship with human presence. --Joshua Peters



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