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Pumped: The Art & Craft of Shoemaking

Pick: Pumped: The Art & Craft of Shoemaking

Details: Saturday, May 7-Sunday, July 31 at Mint Museum Uptown, 500 S. Tryon St. Admission: $24.

Viewpoint: Fresh off the heels of the always fashionable Met Gala, where canary-yellow Lucite Loewe thigh-highs and towering platform boots caught the attention of fashion editors this year, is the opening of the Mint Museum Uptown’s newest exhibit, Pumped. Drawing pieces from the Mint’s own permanent collection of footwear, viewers, fashion-conscious or not, will see that the shoes really do make the outfit. The focus of this exhibit goes beyond the power of stylishness, though; shoemaking is an age-old craft that over time has been shaped by the hands of artisans, industrialization and technology. In an era when apparel sells for cheap because it’s made cheaply, this exhibit, with more than 100 pairs of shoes and other materials dating from the 1700s to 2015, reminds us what kind of quality a little skill, knowledge and time can produce.—Kimberly Lawson

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