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Shain Gallery Presents: Andy Braitman – 250 for 250

Pick: Shain Gallery Presents: Andy Braitman – 250 for 250

Details: Thursday, March 10, 5-9 p.m. Shain Gallery Admission: Free

Viewpoint: Andy Braitman is as much a believer in the process of art making as he is attaining the finished product. Opening his studio up to students in 1995, he began teaching Charlotte’s teens and adults the fundamentals of the painting process, beginning with a meager 15 learners. Now his small art school has expanded to 150 weekly students, four instructors including himself, 13 classes offered,  3-to-5 annual workshops, and biannual study abroad opportunities. He attributes his success to his studio’s approachable atmosphere. “For students to find their own success, we create an environment where it's safe to experiment and to try new things," says Braitman. "For that reason, we remove the show-and-tell aspect in our classes and find a way to creatively redirect the new painter when he or she becomes too timid or exuberant.” Despite the ever-increasing traffic running in and out of Braitman Studio, Andy still finds time to make art for himself. His work is on display in galleries up and down the East coast and he has exhibited heavily within North Carolina, housing work at Shain Gallery and Carlton Gallery in Banner Elk, North Carolina. This week, teaming up with Shain Gallery, Braitman is showing a collection of 250 of his small paintings, all for sale, each priced at $250. Adopting the impressionist’s brush, Braitman explores landscapes dappled with hidden patches of color and texture and abstraction. His view of nature begins to unravel around the edges allowing line and texture to play a more leading role in his representations. Braitman’s work is as accessible as his studio, so take advantage of this rare opportunity to build your art collection or decorate your living space, enjoy some beautiful paintings and – who knows – maybe even learn something.--Joshua Peters

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