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Introducing Our New Editor

by Mark Peres

June 8,2009

I’m pleased to introduce Emily Williams as the new editor of Charlotte ViewPoint. She will assume responsibilities of editing the Charlotte ViewPoint platform, which includes our monthly magazine, our video channels, and our Arts and Culture sections. Her work begins formally with the publication of this issue. This column will be my last as editor, and her byline will appear in this space going forward. 

Emily is a cum laude graduate of Belmont Abby College, with a degree in English and a minor in history. She is a recipient of the 2007 Adrian Excellence Award for Literary Studies. She has written for several arts and civic publications, including several pieces in our Arts section profiling artists and reviewing local cultural events. She has a passion for classical music, theater, dance and the visual arts. Emily is highly intelligent, poised and passionate about our mission. As you get to know her, I’m confident that you’ll agree that she embodies all of our values. We’re excited about the creativity she will bring. 

Her task is to delight and challenge our audience, and to work with our stakeholders and the Charlotte ViewPoint family to grow the enterprise to new heights. As she takes the lead on the platform, my focus will turn to serving as publisher: working to share the vision of CV with the community and building the business infrastructure we need for sustainability and growth. The idea is to diversify our leadership and take bold steps to ensure long-term benefits for our region. 

This is also an embrace of renewal – and for that to happen, my obligation as founder is to get ahead of the curve of change. Over nearly 6 years, I’ve had great joy guiding the creative content of Charlotte ViewPoint. I remember the modest, template-designed issue we launched in November 2003 – not knowing whether there would be a second – and I’m gratified by the rich and elegant multimedia platform we have today. It’s a privilege improvising with talented friends. It is in that spirit that I turn over the creative reigns to Emily.

In our inaugural issue, in my first column, I wrote:

“Charlotte is remarkably open to anyone with the energy and passion to step forward – which may be the city’s greatest attribute. We’re blessed to have our core leaders and we’re better for them….[y]et there is plenty of room for those on the outside looking in to join in on the mix. That’s where we come in. We are an independent opinion magazine that seeks to enter the debate of what is best for the city and region. We are not beholden to any group, organization or power elite. We are a spontaneous, democratic initiative with a point of view….We aim to help Charlotte live its best life.” 

That remains our north star. The form and content of Charlotte ViewPoint will change, perhaps dramatically in time (I can’t wait to see it unfold), but our core values are constant: an independent, elevated vision of humanity and community. 

Our core values are what we offer. They are particularly important during trying times. Charlotte is facing critical issues, from education to economic diversification to social equity and artistic and cultural innovation. We have much work to do. 

Here are two ways that you can participate in our next stage. First, introduce yourself to Emily. Send her a note, have coffee, build a relationship. Second, send me a note so we can do the same. In my role as publisher, I’m charged with forging partnerships that sustain our mission and provide value to those who’d like to see us succeed. Let’s make a financial contribution or corporate sponsorship of Charlotte ViewPoint feel good and work for both of us. We have some creative ideas around partner value. Let’s make it happen. 

Let me conclude by thanking all those who have contributed to Charlotte ViewPoint under my editorial watch. I am deeply grateful to the editors, writers, photographers and to those who wrote a check – to all my amazing friends – who gave their talents and resources to the effort. Each of you are incredibly gracious every time you say yes. Drinks are on me. And now, to what’s next. 

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