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Q and A with Moira Quinn

by Moira Quinn

December 2,2003

You hold an important position with CCCP, but you are also very involved with Temple Beth-El. How do you manage work, life and family?

I’ve tried to choose a few extra-curricular activities and do them well. The great thing about Temple Beth-El is that much of what I do there is with the family. We go to services and participate in Mitzvah projects together. My son, David, said I could only serve on the Temple Board of Directors if I promised to attend ONE meeting a month. After all, I already sing with the choir once a week. So far, I’m doing pretty well with that promise!

Are there lessons from working with the Temple that carry over to CCCP?

It’s interesting...there are a surprising number of parallels between the work I do with the Temple and CCCP. Both are non-profits with identical budgets. The job I have at CCCP is essentially the same as the Temple Executive Director. For CCCP, I’m staff, working with a very strong Board...for the Temple, I’m part of a very strong Board, working with staff. I have specific ideas about the way boards and staff interact. In both, character, honesty, trust and willingness to leap in with both feet and just do the job is key.

What do you do with your spare time?

Spare time? HAH! Actually, I love to read in the tub...that’s the ultimate treat. I love to sing, so singing with the choir is recreation for me. And my son, David, and I bake bread from scratch. I’ve also decided to take up knitting. If you knit, you can do something else at the same time...the perfect hobby for me!

You have deep roots in Charlotte. What’s your vision for the future of the Center City?

I think it’s vital to have a strong urban core. The Center City is the economic engine of’s the heart of the city. A city has to be strong from the ground up. We push hard to animate the streets, to spur street-level shopping and activity. The new arena and Johnson & Wales are going to change the landscape. My vision is more retail, more rooftops and more animation on the streets. Charlotte is on a roll, and is going to keep on rolling.

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