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Q and A with Art Gallagher

by Jaime Bedrin

February 3,2004

What’s your first goal for Johnson & Wales University?

Our first goal is to recruit a world-class group of students and faculty. Our admission numbers have greatly surpassed our most optimistic goals so we expect to have an opening class of at least 885 students. Many of our existing faculty from the Charleston and Norfolk campuses have agreed to relocate here in Charlotte, assuring us of continuity and excellence.

How do you expect J&W students to interact with Charlotte’s community?

Johnson & Wales University students will hit the ground running both in their studies and in their involvement as full participating citizens of Charlotte. They will be working in our classrooms and labs as well as volunteering their time with a number of community agencies. They will also be working throughout the City in jobs that will give them practical “hands-on” experience that will also assist them in paying for their education.

What kind of relationship, if any, will exist between Johnson C. Smith students and J&W students?

I expect that our students and faculty will be working with members of the various academic communities here in Charlotte. I have a wonderful working relationship with the leaders of CPCC, Queens University, UNC-Charlotte and Johnson C. Smith University. I am sure that our students will have many of the same social interests as the students of these universities.

Charlotte has many good restaurants, but the City is also home to a high number of fast food places. How will J&W impact the quality of the local fare?

I believe that the restaurant scene in Charlotte and the surrounding region will improve and expand in the diversity of cuisine offered and in the variety of price points. There are clearly many very good restaurants and there are some that are exceptional. There will be more of both!

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