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Q and A with Wayne Camas

by Mark Peres

August 3,2004

Tell us about FutureOffice.

The AIA FutureOffice conference will debate the next generation of office buildings and their role in the economic and urban development of American cities. The conference will generate discussion between those responsible for commissioning, managing, designing and developing office buildings, and constructing the communities that embrace the workplace. To quote David Crawford, Executive Director, AIA North Carolina, “Our goal is to not only speak to designers, but also to engage the entire community that will be responsible for housing this nation’s workforce in the next few decades. FutureOffice will deal more with how all building entities—architects, interior designers, planners, developers, realtors and lenders—can work together to create more productive and efficient office environments.” The conference will feature keynote presentations from four internationally recognized architects addressing the workplace of the future, workplace performance and ecologically, sustainable buildings: Dr. Francis Duffy, Christoph Ingenhoven, A. Eugene Kohn and Dr. Ken Yeang.

Why are ecological, sustainable workplaces important?

There is a growing awareness of the limit of our natural resources and the increasing amount of waste we are producing. Environmentally healthy and sustainable workplaces allow us to conserve energy, limit waste and live better. The conference will showcase architectural projects that embrace clean energy and ecological design.

What would you like to share about the AIA North Carolina 2004 Summer Conference?

The conference is open to the public and we invite all those interested to register.
FutureOffice is sponsored by AIA North Carolina, the fourth largest AIA chapter in the U.S., in conjunction with AIA Charlotte, the College of Architecture and the Belk College of Business Administration at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Those interested can learn more about the conference and register to attend on the AIA North Carolina website: Our goal is to provide a platform for action.

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