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Natalie Andrew

Natalie Andrew / Artist

Natalie Andrew Ph. D. is a biologist, engineer, cognitive-scientist, and artist researching creativity, backyard biology, paradigm shifts, and the ingredients of inspiration. Her living-sculptures and jewel-paintings are an ongoing experiment to create an environment of wonder in which to contemplate, and an exploration of the value we place in scientific discovery and what consequences such reverence might have for making progress - either in deepening and elaborating a paradigm or shifting to a new one. Natalie currently works at both Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA and Harvard University, Cambridge MA as a full time, self-supporting artist/scientist.

Projects completed during a recent residency at the McColl Center for Visual Art include: a collaboration with new media artist Brian Knep exploring the Hero’s Journey concept for a piece at the Levine Children’s Hospital; new experimental work culturing living mushroom fairy-rings to explore the cycle of creativity; studies of lichens and their symbiosis of fungal and algal components; and further work depicting scientific data with precious materials to examine our cultural relationship to discovery.

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