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John L. Moore, III

John L. Moore, III / Author

John L. Moore, III (Moe) Principal, JOMA Arts&Consulting, LLC (an arts focused consulting and project development firm) – Moore began his career as an actor and acted or directed community, educational or professional theatres around the country for over 30 years. In the early 1980’s Moore segued into arts management as a career path and has since worked around the country in leadership positions with both community based and major institutions, as a grantseeker and a grantsmaker. In the late 1980’s while working with Washington Project for the Arts, an alternative arts space, Moore began producing theatre in a visual arts environment. He went on to develop the African Continuum Theatre Coalition, which is now a professional theatre company in Washington, DC.

Since the mid 1990’s, Mr. Moore has held positions such as Executive Director - Afro-American Cultural Center, (Charlotte, NC), Senior Program Advisor - National Arts Stabilization (Baltimore, MD), Deputy Director for Programs - Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (Harrisburg, PA). Mr. Moore has sat on numerous boards, committees and panels (from the National Endowment for the Arts to the Creative Industries Council at the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce), been a speaker or facilitator at several conferences, workshops or seminars, and has taught or lectured at the university level (from Yale University to Harrisburg Area Community College). JOMA Arts&Consulting, LLC – founded in Washington, DC in 1998 – is Moore’s platform for consulting and advisory services to government agencies, foundations, individuals and not-for-profit organizations and a producer of independent projects.



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