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Provocative Questions for Interesting People

by John W. Love, Jr.

September 4, 2016

Interdisciplinary artist, love warrior monk, and mischievous thinker John W. Love, Jr. asserts that the more interesting the question and the person, the more interesting the time in the sandbox. Here’s a flash at how he plays with others.


Person of interestIs beauty necessary?

What a fantastic question.  Beauty surrounds us—like oxygen.  But is it ‘necessary?’ I don’t know if I’ll ever know.

Your mind:

                   It’s the temperature of fluorescent lighting 

                   the texture of lacquer 

                   and the speed of sound 

Your age:

                   I am older than my identical twin 

                   younger than the nearest star 

                   and the exact same age as my identical twin

What part of your body has been annoying you lately?

My IT band

What part of your body NEVER embarrasses you?

My eyes

What has made you cry?

My mother’s passing

Be they naturally occurring or people-made, name three things that exist as your favorite color.

Smoked Lucite, stained walnut, and celeste green

What color annoys you right now?

Life would be rather difficult if all it took was a color to bother you…

If you could eat a piece of sculpture, whose is it, what’s its name, what is it made of, and where does it reside?

I would never ingest a sculpture that I held dear to me…but if there’s enough wiggle room to categorize sculpture:

Frank Lloyd Wright. Windows and Chairs.

Leendert Prins

If you could wear a piece of music, what would it be?

Nardis by Bill Evans (1961)

If you were to rendezvous with the most succulent part of yourself, in what painting would the two of you meet?

Komposition Mit Doppellinie Und Blau by Piet Mondrian

Is photography male, female, or somewhere else on the spectrum?  Why?

Photography is art, documentation, physics, and mechanics…somewhere else on the   spectrum.

Don’t name the film.  Just describe one detail in the moment that took your breath away.

Seconds after a suspect was relieved from questioning, the investigator realized he had been fooled the entire time with the content of the suspect’s contrived story in plain eyesight throughout the interrogation.  

If you were to have an affair with a piece of literature, what would it be?

A Letter To A Christian Nation, by Sam Harris.

Night after night you fall asleep to the same vision of entities, bodies, people, creatures in the throes of dance. Describe the most intoxicating three seconds.

Living a real moment with someone I haven't seen in twenty years…it could be any moment, just as long as I dreamt it as it were real and not aware that I was dreaming. 

Who’s the designer, design team, or design operation you just love, love, love now?  Why?

Face, of Monterrey, Mexico.

If they were a lover of yours how would you seduce them?

Improvise well, or crash and burn.

Who’s the design entity you feel isn’t getting nearly enough juice?

I haven't met them yet.

What material, fabric, substrate, or substance would you like to see used more in design, fashion, art, architecture, etc.?


From where you’re sitting, what’s the most luxurious nature-made substance you can reach out and touch?

If machined, carbon. If not, mahogany.

What font just makes you want to vomit?

Papyrus. I’m glad to see these questions are becoming less complicated.

What’s the sexiest tool in your arsenal?

My Leica.

Supposition: You are your most formidable opponent. What’s that one thing the other you has, says, or does that always defeats you unmercifully?

I’ve been ‘killed with kindness’ more times than I wish to admit.

Supposition: You are your greatest ally. What’s that one thing your ally pulls out that always saves your ass?!


That time you went “ham” “slam off” “weren’t having it” and noooobody saw it coming what was?:

The number of windows in the room: You don’t really think counting windows prefaced this incident, do you?

The time of day: Dinnertime-ish.

The eye color of the most innocent one present: Probably blue.

The show attire of the most offensive one: I don’t remember what I was wearing.

Select A, B, C, or D


A. Overrated

B. Underserved

C. Hahaaaaaagh!

D. Huh?



A. Bone

B. Chalky

C. Eggshell 

D. High gloss lacquered



A. Inky

B. Cool

C. Matte

D. Vanta



A. Slate

B. Earl, Fox, or Flannel

C. Charcoal

D. Silver


Favorite sweet thing? Ganache.

Favorite bitter thing? Citrus peel.

Favorite sour thing? Citrus.

Favorite hot thing? Coffee.

Favorite cold thing? Coffee.

Favorite hard thing? Frozen coffee.

Favorite soft thing? Sneaker soles.

What time of day has the most beautiful light?


What makes you tired just thinking about it?


Who's the sexiest person you know personally?

I’m not here for trouble. :)

What makes a nerd hot?

I’m hoping to find out very soon.

What makes a physically beautiful person NOT hot at all?

Poor grammar.

If you could, which way would you go—longer or thicker?

Stronger or more agile?


Smarter or funnier?

Smart people know funny.

What FRESH herb would you wear as a scent?

I don’t wear what I eat.

What inanimate object are you in love with the most right now?

Sadly, my iPhone.

Choose one—sleek, smooth, plush, or slick?  Why?

Slick.  Not saying why.

Write an autobiographical sentence using exactly seven words.

So much to do, so little time…(not a complete sentence—sorry.)

What percentage of your day do you spend alone?

As little as possible.

What percentage of your day would you prefer to be alone?

The percentage I spend in the bathroom.

Is quiet more like an old friend or a secret lover?

An old friend.

What are the five biggest noise-makers in your domain right now?

Dog, construction crew, traffic, dog, my own self-inflicted noise.

In seven words or less describe your real relationship with clutter.

I have no room for clutter.

Do you still write with a pencil?

Only during miniature golf.

Favorite writing instrument?


Paper or plastic?


Is paper a pleasure in your life or an annoyance?


Are you a Luddite and/or do you find them charming?

I’m not threatened by technology.

What do you take pleasure in ignoring?

Spectator sports.

What pleasure have you given up that you still desperately miss?

Can’t think of any.

Does not answering your phone give you a low-grade panic attack?


TV—yes or no?


Tiny screen or large screen?

Medium, by today’s standards.

You eat in bed. True or false?


Booksyes or no?


Radio—yes or no?


What’s been your biggest failure in the last 48 hours?

I accidentally burnt a reduction I was preparing on a new stove.

What is your oldest desire?

I wouldn’t remember.

Wine or liquor?

Don’t make me choose.

Soda or juice?


Sparkling water or flat?


Person of interest: James Fedele.


James grew up in Rochester, NY. He moved to Charlotte in 1993 with his twin brother to attend college and discover the South. A professional DJ, James has been a viable contributor to Charlotte’s music scene.  He is recognized as a part of Charlotte’s music culture alongside national musicians and artists that span so many different genres and demonstrate extraordinary talent. These days, James concentrates on his urban and branding photography that combines his expertise in creative branding with street photography.


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