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Provocative Questions for Interesting People

by John W. Love, Jr.

August 1, 2016

Interdisciplinary artist, love warrior monk, and mischievous thinker John W. Love, Jr. asserts that the more interesting the question and the person, the more interesting the time in the sandbox. Here’s a flash at how he plays with others.


Is beauty necessary?Person of interest

Hell, yeah! It adds flare to life. It gives us something to look forward to.

Your mind:

                  It’s the temperature of liquid that’s been sitting in a hot car all day  

                  the texture of gelatin 

                  and the speed of the light that flickers in an electric ball handled by a turtle. 

Your age:

                  I am older than my looks  

                  younger than my spirit  

                  and the exact same age as I feel.

Your body:

                  My warmth is a girl.

                  My tenacity is a boy.

                  My existence is somewhere in between.

What part of your body has been annoying you lately?

My head & chest. Mentally & emotionally constipated.

What part of your body NEVER embarrasses you?

My hands.

What has made you cry?


Be they naturally occurring or people-made, name three things that exist as your favorite color.

Dark chocolate, hazel eyes, indigo blue.

What color annoys you right now?

Honey mustard yellow can be an eyesore sometimes.

If you could wear a piece of music, what would it be?

Lorine Chia's "You’re Alright."

Is photography male, female, or somewhere else on the spectrum?  Why?

It’s an infinite being that’s unexplainable. Every second and every movement can be a mental image engraved in everyone’s memory. So I guess it’s whoever or whatever you want it to be.

Don’t name the film.  Just describe one detail in the moment that took your breath away.

He swallowed the pill and suddenly, his dull existence became vibrant and actually had life.

There is the playwright, director, set designer, costume designer, lighting designer, and the play’s two-character cast—You at your Best and You at your Worst.  Consider every beverage you’ve ever tasted or yearned to taste. Everybody is essentially some liquid, serum, or elixir. Go.

Playwright: Water, the foundation of the mix.

Director: Ginger ale.

Set designer: Cardinal’s Gin.

Costume designer: Pineapple juice.

Lighting designer: Orange juice.

You at your Best: Sweet tea mixed with lemonade.

You at your Worst: Sambuca.

Night after night you fall asleep to the same vision of entities, bodies, people, creatures in the throes of dance. Describe the most intoxicating three seconds.

Gasping for air.

Who’s the designer, design team, or design operation you just love, love, love now?  Why?

Alexander McQueen. His vision always said “fuck you” without those words ever coming out of his mouth. Fearless fashion at its best.

If they were a lover of yours how would you seduce them?

A mental tease here and there, then I’d go for the “OH, SHIT” moment and remove the earth from their feet (in a good way).

Who’s the design entity you feel isn’t getting nearly enough juice?

Alexander Nash. His suits are just so goddamn obnoxiously sharp!

What material, fabric, substrate, or substance would you like to see used more in design, fashion, art, architecture, etc.?

I would like to see Mahogany wood, Silk, Chambray, Burlap, Alpaca, & Tweed. All done right though.

From where you’re sitting, what’s the most luxurious nature-made substance you can reach out and touch?

Wooden tables. I often wonder what part of the globe they came from, where else have they been, what’s been on them, what stories do they have to tell?

What font just makes you want to vomit?

Comic Sans. I hate that shit.

What’s the sexiest tool in your arsenal?

My brain, heart & hands.

Favorite sweet thing? Caramel.

Favorite bitter thing? Beer!

Favorite sour thing? Lemons.

Favorite hot thing? Body heat.

Favorite cold thing? Cold watermelon in the summer.

Favorite hard thing? Marble.

Favorite soft thing? Skin.

What smells better—your own toe cheese or your own ear wax?

Toe cheese, it’s got character.

Who's the sexiest person you know personally?

The one that breathes life into me.

What makes a nerd hot?


What makes a physically beautiful person NOT hot at all?


If you could, which way would you go—longer or thicker?

The way I am.

Stronger or more agile?


Smarter or funnier?


What three spices in the spice rack best describe you?

Cinnamon, Vanilla bean, & Ginger…all of them are also my favorites.

What FRESH herb would you wear as a scent?


Whose funk smells gooood to you?

A woman who can workout, claim they’re sweaty and musty, but you can’t tell.

What inanimate object are you in love with the most right now?

My bed.

Choose one—sleek, smooth, plush, or slick?  Why?

Plush, it can take some pressure but remains comfortable

Choose one—salty, hot, crisp, or juicy? Why?

I like the satisfaction from hot things. Heat will open you up!

Who do you know that is both sleek and salty?

A woman scorned.

Who's got a mind you’d describe as plush and juicy?

Whoever it is that can get through to me and speak directly into my soul.

Describe either where you are right now or where you just came from:

-       the terrain: flat and stale like grandma’s church candy.

-       the weather: a comfortable 80 degrees.

-       the smell: after-rain mugginess.  

-       the vegetation: fully blossomed spring flowers, and plush green grass.

-       the texture of the air: thick as Florida humidity.

-       the color of the sky: typical Carolina Blue sky with clouds from The Simpsons.

-       the people: they’re running from one too many things. Probably the devil inside.

-       the bodies: some toned up, some in the shape of the letter V, and some in the shape of a question mark.

-       the clothing or lack thereof: I wish I could dress them myself, but I’ll let them live and be comfortable.

-       the spirit, the energy, the vibration: calm.

-       the name of this locale: Common Market.

Write a five-word novel.

You’re more than your existence.


You’re throwing an intimate feast for yourself and 12 others. Very briefly describe who they are without using their names. You’re one of them.

The VISIONARY has been rendered momentarily blind. What the hell did they witness?

The VISIONARY saw the PUGILIST having an emotional moment with the SCIENTIST.


When is the truth not enough?

When time passes and it outweighs the truth. Nothing else matters.

When is the truth much too much?

When it can’t be digested.

That time the truth actually did set you free—where did you feel it, what was the time of day, what was your hair doing, and what is the predominant smell that lingers in the memory?

I felt it in my gut as if I was on the fall of a roller coaster. The time of day was late in the evening when most truths come out.

Fill in the blanks.

My BEING is massive. My FUCKS non-existent. My SPIRIT is significant and my CHARM is laughable. While I hate SILENCE I love PEACE and to tell the absolute truth all I want to do right now is ESCAPE THE MIND THAT TRAPS ME.

What percentage of your day do you spend alone?

Ninety percent.

What percentage of your day would you prefer to be alone?

Thirty percent.

Is quiet more like an old friend or a secret lover?

An old friend who became a secret lover.

What are the five biggest noise-makers in your domain right now?

Old crusty-ass people violating the quiet space they walked into. All five of them.

Do you still write with a pencil?

Not as much as I’d like.

What do you take pleasure in ignoring?

People that drain my goddamn energy.

What pleasure have you given up that you still desperately miss?

A lot that I care not to mention.

How do you feel about other people’s feet?

Where have they been?

Sparkling water or flat?

Flat, unless I’m in Europe.

Clean shaven or a thicket?

However she’d like to show up.

What is your relationship with stubble?

I can adjust.

Big ears or big noses?


At this very moment, if your life were to spontaneously transform into the dream you’ve told no one about what (or who) would the score sound like?

The score would sound like the crowd’s response to a winning goal at the World Cup.

What would be the taste in your mouth?

Raw honey with a touch of cinnamon & bourbon.

Person of Interest: Jonathan Cooper


As long as I have eyes, I will always be a photographer. Capturing moments, emotions, and whatever brings pleasure. Currently indulging in the culinary world, which means dinner parties and other gatherings involving food, and libations that’ll create commune and build community. Forever craving expansion creatively, professionally and personally.


I’m a photographer, thrill seeker, lover, eater, healer, giver, and supreme being. Forever seeking the next big thing with an appetite for more because I’m a firm believer that we are more and well deserving of it.

More:, (currently under construction)

IG: iamCoopernicus_

IG: NomKnowledge



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