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Save me.

by Michael J. Solender

February 14, 2014

I’m falling in her mind. In her mind I’m flailing and falling, never landing, just falling. I’m screaming cries unheard.

She squints the squint of one whose grown tiresome of small children pulling at her dress though her children are grown and gone and don’t write, ever. She hates them.

Abhors the day she brought each into the world.

It was she who was breached in this selfless act.

This place in her mind where I’ve gone is used infrequently. She’s collected me without warning and deposited me in her cluttered dustbin of cranial detritus.

She keeps all manner of oddities there. Memories of dogs that almost bit her and boyfriends that didn’t come but pretended to. Stray flecks of lint and the crust from her eyes after her dreamless sleep.

She rubs her eyes while sitting on the toilet for her first shit of the morning. She’ll likely shit three or four more times before lunch while I flail valiantly in her mind.

I fall with increasing velocity.

Stretching my neck out with a Munch-like hollowed O pursed upon my lips, I feel the pain of absence of pain. I ache in anticipation. Falling in her mind through eternity’s limbo, grotesque and misshapen my predicament amuses her.

Save me.

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