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MIRA CORPORA - a novel by Jeff Jackson

by Joshua Yates

MIRA CORPORA - a novel by Jeff Jackson

Picture by Joshua Yates

September 12, 2013


View a trailer for Mira Corpora, the first novel by Charlotte Viewpoint's Jeff Jackson.

It's a coming-of-age story for people who hate coming-of-age stories. The novel features a colony of feral children, teenage oracles, mysterious cassette tapes, and a reclusive underground rock star. It weaves a moving tale of mad hope across a startling, dreamlike landscape.

Published by Two Dollar RadioMira Corpora has received praise from National Book Award winner Don DeLillo, Pulitzer Prize nominee David Gates, and Lambda-award winning novelist Dennis Cooper.  It's available locally from Park Road Books, Barnes & Noble, Lunchbox Records, and Pura Vida.


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