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by Donald Devet


Picture by Donald Devet

June 27, 2013

The first day of summer inspired CV's Chris Cureton to curate SUM ART, a casual art show featuring seven up-and-coming young artists at Birdsong Brewing Company in NoDa. With a cool popsicle in hand, host Joanne Spataro chats with the artists about their work —made of everything from vinyl to watermelon seeds— and why shows like this are important for the community and the future of art in Charlotte.

Want to learn more? Read our interview with Chris.


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Tags: Chris Cureton, Donald Devet, Joanne Spataro, SumArt, Art, Birdsong Brewing Company, Cathleen Foley, Nick Irwin, KC Preslar, Dan Romanoski, Tim Rebich, Karlie Winchell

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