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To See the Body

by Terri Flagg

To See the Body

Picture by Terri Flagg

April 13, 2013


In addition to the compelling, original videos we feature from our Charlotte Viewpoint team of contributors, Director of Film Donald Devet shines the spotlight on some of the best short videos from around the world. As curator of our Video Gallery, Donald identifies and shares videos that are thought provoking, inspirational, innovative and just plain fun.

This week's featured video is To See the Body, by Terri Flagg

From the curator: Without sentimentality, we get an insider's view of the importance of mourning a death and why it's so vital to the living. We are continually confronted with images of death, yet the topic remains uncomfortable, almost taboo. As scholar Benjamin Noys explicated in the book, "The Culture of Death," death is both highly visible and invisible. This video explores the tension inherent in this contradiction by visualizing familiar scenes of death and grief in an unfamiliar, uncomfortable context, from the perspective of those who witness it every day.

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