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Provocative Questions for Interesting People

by John W. Love, Jr.

September 11, 2012

Love’s Qs – Provocative Questions for Interesting People

Interdisciplinary artist, love warrior monk, and mischievous thinker John W. Love, Jr. asserts that the more interesting the question and the person, the more interesting the time in the sandbox. Here’s a flash at how he plays with others.


Person of interest

Is beauty necessary?
Absolutely yes. The slum beautiful suffering of a creative survivor’s tale is the most beautiful of ‘em all. The layers are complex yet simple; a perfect paradox of beauty in itself, that is, if you can follow.

Your mind:
                   It’s the temperature of 1000 degrees and bubbling over like lava!!
                   the texture of a sham wow
                   and the speed of a 1985 Toyota Supra going 80 mph over an icy bridge.

Your age:
                 I am older than your daughter
                 younger than your mother
                 and the exact same age as your lover

Your body:
                   My vagina is a girl.
                   My mouth is a boy.
                   My heart is somewhere in between.

What part of your body has been annoying you lately?
My left leg - I call it Judas. It has turned me into the Frida Kahlo of my creed.

What has made you cry?
The over saturated and blatantly abusive out of context use of the word “love.” There are as many definitions of it as there are people and not enough of them use it correctly. People use it like it’s profanity.

If you could eat a piece of sculpture, whose is it, what’s its name, what is it made of, and where does it reside?
It would require me to be a mermaid to eat it and unfortunately I don’t know the medium - Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater sculpture “Silent Evolution” – Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It reminds me of the Saul Williams poem “1987.”

If you were to rendezvous with the most succulent part of yourself, in what painting would the two of you meet?
Dawn Black’s “Damnatio ad besitas” (Condemned to the wild beast).

Don’t name the film. Just describe one detail in the moment that took your breath away.
When on a journey to find her mother, she said, “I want to be cohesive.” I broke into pieces.

Who’s the designer, design team, or design operation that you love, love, love now? Why?
There are two. On a very very super super personal creative level, Marina Abramovic. I want to sit at her feet. I have questions. I would love to attend her school in 2014. For my “artivist” self, Vik Muniz and the team that worked on Wasteland. The way they transformed the pickers’ lives of San Paulo Brazil – What?!! I felt completely useless as an artist. That movie made me feel like my priorities were all off. I would love to be a part of something with that kind of creative purpose.

Favorite sweet thing? Agave
Favorite bitter thing? Pino Grigio
Favorite sour thing? Sour Patch Kids
Favorite hot thing? Louisiana hot sauce
Favorite cold thing? Talenti Gelato
Favorite hard thing? A man and/or a bed and not necessarily in that order.
Favorite soft thing? Ugg Boots

What makes you tired just thinking about it?
Politics. Racism. Sexism and Injustice. But I’m a Black Quasi Queer Creative Female in America so I stay tired. I have to stay thinking about it. If I don’t think/act about it then my constitutional rights will be stolen and sold back to me for triple the price. But I’m suppose to just get over it all ready. Shhhhd you wish.

What makes a nerd hot?
They way his/her mind works. The “processing” and calculating is phenomenal to witness and participate in.

If you could, which way would you go - longer or thicker?
Ummm (laughing) I want both?....wait…I don’t think I understand the question exactly…wait (laughing)....let me put it into the proper context...of ok paint strokes…yeah naw...I need both...(laughing)…what about hair…naw both…

What inanimate object are you in love with the most right now?
My beat up 1996 Volvo Station wagon, we’ve been through some things together.

How do you feel about internet dating sites?
I tried once and they sent me an email telling me “Sorry No Matches Found” go figure.

What’s been your biggest failure in the last 48 hours?
Crushing really hard... on a gay man. Epic Fail.

What is your oldest desire?
To know what secure belonging feels like.

Underwear or commando?
Commando circa 1990-1995. Post pregnancy 1996-current, underwear. I have no idea why.

Nipple rings or belly rings?
For a man nipple ring, but both of ‘em have to be done… for a girl, neither, it’s a cliché now.

At this very moment, if your life were to spontaneously transform into your deepest, richest, and most private dream, what (or who) would the score sound like?
Jack White/Raconteurs “Blue Veins” live in Holland. How he plays he seems to know a lot about me already.

What would be the taste in your mouth?
Coffee and cigarettes.

Person of interest: Marcia JonesHighlights: Inspired by her artist residency and controversial works in the Harvey B. Gantt Center exhibition “Live and in Stereo(type),” curated by former creative director Ce Scott and also featuring the works of Fahamu Pecou, Marcia’s recent “Displaced Oshun” discussion at Art Twenty Two was well received and she looks forward to her “Displaced Oshun Theory” artist lecture at the McColl Center Oct. 27 at 2 p.m. She is also working with the Behailu Academy in NODA this academic year as a visual arts mentor for 9-12 graders as well as hoping to resume her teachings as an adjunct art instructor at CPCC.

Bio: She is Smart. She is kind. She is Important.



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