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Eliza: From Page to Stage

by Donald Devet

Eliza: From Page to Stage

Picture by Donald Devet

May 22, 2012

Can a collection of poems be successfully transformed into a stage show? That's the challenge CAST (Carolina Actors Studio Theatre) is taking on in its new production of Eliza, a one-woman tour de force based on local author Dede Wilson's book of 50 poems, Eliza: The New Orleans Years.

Pamela Freedy portrays Eliza, Wilson's great, great grandmother, an ambitious woman of the early 19th century who embarks on a voyage of passion, drama, illusion and loss.

Director Michael R. Simmons, along with Freedy and Wilson offer insights on the creative process of bringing the words on the page to life.

Eliza premieres May 27 with a run of four consecutive Sundays.

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Tags: Eliza, CAST, Charlotte, video, theater

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