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Bad Ideas

by P. Scott Cunningham

August 13, 2011


















“Young people don’t know the work involved…in doing something lousy.” 

           Morton Feldman 



Outsource the writing of a poem about Morton Feldman to India. Provide them with a word list they must incorporate and a specific line length. 



A “Cease and Desist” letter poem from the estate of Morton Feldman. (This could also be outsourced, to a lawyer.)

          -Abmahnung (a written warning in German) is the formal request by one person to another person to forthwith stop a certain behavior



“Another assignment was to write a piece for soprano and string quartet, using a text from the Buffalo Evening News.” 

Alex Ross 



Two part poem:

                a) John Cage Directs a Pornographic Film

                b) Morton Feldman Directs a Pornographic Film 



Poem in which I lampoon my juvenilia 



A blank page titled, “Evening at Cage’s” 



“It Puts the Feldman in the Basket” 



Libretto for an opera about Feldman’s adventures on the day of the apocalypse, including an aria sung from the roof of a Burger King engulfed in flames. 



 TITLE: “In the Event that Creative Control Is Lost Upon Publication, Instructions for the Cover” 



Nineteen stories ending with “Mazurka” 



Morton Hears the Wu





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