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Charlotte Viewpoint is a community of citizens dedicated to civic and cultural life. We ask for your support so we may continue to provide high-level thought leadership and artistry while attracting and retaining creative talent vital to our region's development. Our aim is to measurably impact the common good by helping shape what the Charlotte metropolitan region can be.

10 Reasons to Support CV:

1.    To sustain literary and artistic work that is among the best in the region and stands up nationally in terms of quality of content and subject matter.

2.     CV is focused on issues and people that matter and make a difference in our community.

3.     Content is independently developed and delivered by local citizens committed to raising the level of discourse and shared standards of intellectual and artistic excellence.

4.      At a time when more and more local media is turning to syndicated content and increasingly important regional issues are overlooked, CV provides a platform for original thought and a vehicle to examine these issues in an in-depth and intelligent way. 

5.      All of our content is 100% original and created specifically for an audience that demands well reasoned arguments, informed discussion, insight and perspective that they are likely to find only in national publications, yet appear regularly in our pages.

6.      CV provides a platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their work and provide insight and back-story into their creative process, relating to readers and patrons in a way that provides them unfettered access to important, creative work.

7.      CV delivers theunusual, unexpected and unreported stories in an in-depth and comprehensive fashion that is unencumbered by word counts and other editorial restraints.

8.      Readers can help set our agenda with their voice, suggestions and input.

9.      CV fills a literary void in the region that is not being addressed elsewhere; there is nothing even close that matches the volume and quality of our work.

10.   We’re only just beginning; the best is yet to come.

Please make an individual, tax-deductible donation. We're grateful for your contribution.

A Charlotte Viewpoint sponsorship offers visibility, efficient marketing, and an opportunity to showcase your business to an influential audience.

Share CV with friends in your network - neighbors, thought leaders, writers and artists. Help the creative capital of our region grow.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization. CV operates on contributions from forward-thinking individuals, business sponsorships, and grants from agencies and foundations. Our model is highly efficient, but not without cost, based on the dynamics of new media and grassroots participation. Your contribution ensures that we can continue to shape the region for the better.

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