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Charlotte ViewPoint is a multimedia, thought-leadership organization dedicated to enriching the intellectual and artistic capital of the Charlotte region. We produce Charlotte ViewPoint Magazine, the region’s premier web-based magazine with commentary from the most recognized names in Charlotte. Our website includes essays, reviews, fiction, poetry, photography and video produced by fellow citizens. We host events and gatherings about the civic and cultural life of the region.

Our story began in the fall of 2003 when Mark Peres, a resident of Charlotte, recognized a desire among many for elevated discussion about art, culture and civic life. A life-long love of writing and fascination with cityscapes and new media sparked an idea. Mark launched Charlotte ViewPoint to showcase the talent of everyday citizens and to introduce new voices to the conversation about the growth and future of the city.

From the beginning, Charlotte ViewPoint sought to establish itself as an independent, innovative voice. We were fortunate to attract a great team, and to seize – just at the right time – the intersection of the digital age and citizen participation. We showcased editorial contributions from the region’s leading citizens, and quickly gained an audience solely by word of mouth.

Our mission is to enrich our intellectual and artistic capital so we may realize our full potential as a region. Our vision is to become the preeminent citizen-based platform for the expression of metropolitan ideas and art.

Charlotte ViewPoint is a 501(c)3 non profit charitable organization. Our business model is based on contributions from forward-thinking individuals and corporate sponsors, grants from agencies and foundations, and earned income from consultation that helps other organizations with creative messaging and ideation. Our model is highly efficient, based on the dynamics of exceptional talent, new media and grassroots participation.

We seek to capture the highest and best expression of what a vibrant and humane metropolis can be. We are diverse in voice, analytical in approach, constructive in tone, and insightful in spirit. We explore the city as the great construct of civilization. We examine the interior landscape of citizenship and the exterior environment in which we live. We help shape the city to become what it desires to be - a more livable, meaningful and significant place.

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