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About Town shares our City Life editor's recommendations on arts and cultural happenings, and showcases must-sees and non-mainstream events.

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Hollywood Shoots Itself: Sullivan's Travels

At the core of Sullivan’s Travels beats a soft, compassionate heart. 


Gonzo: A Brutal Chrysalis

Like Thompson, Cartee has a healthy disrespect for society’s boundaries and niceties. He has also occasionally shared Doctor Gonzo’s casual connection with the truth.


Feast on Culture!

Twitty visits Charlotte for the inaugural discussion of a new series, dubbed Heritage & History, where he’ll talk about their under-appreciated contributions to the Southern dinner table, African identity and America’s tumultuous history with race.


Inquiry to Practice: Answering the Questions

The works they are presenting are in multiple mediums and seek to embody the spirit of art education—work made by the people safeguarding the artistic spirit in our next generation.


Member's Show at The Light Factory

And this, of course, reminds us of why the art of photography still matters; framing, lighting and other artistic decisions tell us as much about the person pointing the camera as they do about what they're pointing the camera at. 


Community Opening - Shaping the Vessel, Quilts & Social Fabric, Nellie Ashford: Through My Eyes

Together these exhibitions offer a deeper look at African American arts and culture as defined by the hand of master craftspeople.


McColl Center for Art + Innovation: Prompt

Three McColl Center Alumni Residents have teamed up to accept a challenge from Shaun Cassidy, local Charlotte mixed media public artist, sculptor and McColl Alumni Resident, as a part of a new exhibition at the McColl titled Prompt. 


Santiago Quesnel: Repetitions

Take a walk through Repititions' dreamscapes and experience Quesnel's unique visualizations of place memory and his interpretation of nature's dynamic relationship with human presence.


Pumped: The Art & Craft of Shoemaking

In an era when apparel sells for cheap because it’s made cheaply, this exhibit, with more than 100 pairs of shoes and other materials dating from the 1700s to 2015, reminds us what kind of quality a little skill, knowledge and time can produce

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